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The best way to prevent HIV and other STD/STIs from spreading is by getting tested regularly. Some symptoms may go undetected, leaving you and those you encounter at risk. If you’re worried that you may have HIV or an STD/STI, your first step is to get tested!

Our History

For 30 years, Spectrum Health Care (SHC) has provided testing at the lowest cost possible and at no charge in many instances. Until recent years, SHC was the only organization in the North Central region providing our testing services for free, regardless of income. This continues to be the case for most clients utilizing our testing services. Free testing is included onsite at our offices and events on college campuses, and we also offer other possibilities for your organization or business. These testing events may also be at no cost to the participants. Ongoing donations continue to make free services possible.

Costs & Support

On average, tests and related costs are $23-125 per person, depending on the required test (s). The most common testing for the four most common infections (HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis) has a cost to the agency of $47. The $47 is the process’s test cost, processing, overhead, and associated staff. If you have a specific single test needed (of the four most common), the cost to the agency is $23. Any donation to offset this cost for those under or uninsured is greatly appreciated! Below is a summary of some of our pricing and available testing options (click for a larger image).

Patients with medical insurance are urged to see our Clinic staff and utilize the benefits provided with your health coverage. With health insurance and a visit with our medical team in the Clinic (during business hours and requiring an appointment), you may have additional services and testing provided through your policy that may not require more than your co-pay. 

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Spectrum After Dark


We are pleased to announce the return of our evening walk-in clinic on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm!

As with all HIV/STD/STI testing services, testing is provided for a requested donation. 

If you would prefer to make an appointment during business hours, feel free to reach out and schedule your testing appointment by calling (573) 514-7312

PLEASE NOTE: As with all services Spectrum provides, you must wear a mask during your visit.


SHC recommends you get a full panel of HIV/STD/STI tests with your annual health exams. Suppose you have recently participated in any of the following behaviors. In that case, it is essential to preserve your health and well-being for you to schedule an appointment today to discuss your history and potential risk of infections.

  • Have you had “unprotected” sex (sex without a condom or other latex barrier) — oral, vaginal, or anal?
  • Have you had sex with someone who was an IV drug user or had HIV?
  • Have you had a sexually transmitted disease or infection such as herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, or hepatitis?
  • Have you had an unplanned pregnancy, or are you pregnant now?
  • Have you been sexually assaulted (raped, forced, or talked into having sex when you didn’t want to)?
  • Have you passed out or forgotten what happened after drinking or getting high?
  • Have you shared needles or other equipment to inject drugs or pierce the skin?
  • Have you had recent home piercings or tattoos?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be at an increased risk of a sexually transmitted infection and should consider getting a first HIV test or repeat HIV testing.

Get Tested Today! Call (573) 514-7312


Please use the additional resources below to educate yourself on the risks of becoming infected with or transmitting HIV and STD/STIs.