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For over 30 years and through compelling teaching tools and compassionate care, Spectrum Health Care has helped communities throughout Missouri increase health awareness, provide direct primary care for those under or uninsured, educate our clients and patients on many health issues to better their health outcomes, and provide testing and education to lessen the destructive impact of sexually transmitted diseases. None of which is possible without the generosity of organizations, businesses and individuals.

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At Spectrum Health Care, it is our promise to foster an environment of trust and inclusivity to all our patients. We promise to provide the best and most compassionate care in a culturally competent environment. We promise to adhere to our core Mission, Vision, and Purpose for this agency:

Our MISSION is to address health disparities and inequalities, to achieve optimal health outcomes for marginalized individuals and families through provision of comprehensive health education, counseling and testing, housing support, and high-quality primary care.

Our PURPOSE is to provide comprehensive health care services and access points to health care systems for marginalized groups, individuals, and/or communities.

Our VISION is to implement effective strategies that promote positive health outcomes through direct care, coordination of care, and education for those affected by or at risk for health issues.

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