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December 23, 2020


Spectrum Health Care Board of Directors and Staff wish you and yours a very safe, healthy, and happy holiday season!

Don’t forget to wear your masks, social distance at all times possible, and of course, wash your hands with frequency! The COVID-19 virus is not the only contagion that is easily spread in this time of close contact, sharing, and visiting. Please take special precautions to keep yourself and those you care about safe.

Please note: The Spectrum Health Care offices and Clinics will close December 23, 2020 at noon and reopen at 9am on January 4, 2021.


This last Fall, Spectrum Health Care was proud to present Wavelength Health Plan with added benefits and services for our clinic patients. As Insurance Open Enrollment has just ended, there are many who either have missed the deadline or chosen, for a myriad of reasons, not to continue with a major medical health plan. While we certainly are proponents of everyone having full coverage through primary medical health insurance, we understand that there are times where this isn’t an option.

This Plan has been designed as a product to help fill the gap left by many major medical insurance plans and those unable to afford those significant medical plans. Wavelength is affordable and helps those most in need ensure they have access to care at our Clinic. The Plan provides tiered service options and payment plans to ensure that those most in need have access to primary care when they need it at our Clinic and/or via telehealth services. Plan details and more information may be found on our website.

The Plan is simple: by subscribing and paying a low monthly fee, you receive necessary medical care when you need it with no deductibles or out-of-pocket expenses for any services provided in your Plan. We have designed three different levels to provide the services you need and allow regular visits, so your health care is preventative rather than reactive. This Plan allows you the freedom to see our Clinic providers without the worry of added costs.


Check out our Square store for SHC-branded merchandise and other wearables and additional ways to support Spectrum Health Care! Through the generosity of friends like you, Spectrum has been able to weather the storm of COVID through innovative changes and new services. 
As we end this year, we hope that you will consider a year-end, tax-deductible donation. We understand that budgets are stretched for many, so if a gift this year isn’t possible, please contemplate pledging support for 2021. If you have any other thoughts on how you would like to support the agency, please reach out as we would love to hear your ideas!
Spectrum is a small nonprofit that has found creative ways to stretch each and every dollar provided to us. With every small or large gift received, we are grateful and promise to use every dollar wisely to support our mission. Thank you in advance for your support! Shop and Donate Now!

2020 In Review

We can certainly all agree that 2020 has been a trying time for most of us. We now look to a new normal with a vaccine being distributed now through lockdowns, distancing, loss of jobs, closure of businesses and organizations, and loss of friends and family.  
Even with all the barriers that we have experienced this year, we safely served 1,500+ individuals. While this was a significant drop from 2019 when we served 4,000+, we fully anticipate that we will see our numbers return to normal or increase in 2021 as we have worked out new, safe ways to provide the services that so many in our community need. 
As we always look for the silver lining, we have indeed found several in 2020. The primary area we have embraced through this pandemic is innovation. We have found new ways to provide safe services through telemedicine to more people in our region and have developed new Self-Care programs to enhance individual health outcomes. We anticipate additional e-health programs to be implemented as we move into 2021.
Even as we plan for services in 2021 and beyond, we are confident that we will be able to remain safe and responsive to the ever-emerging healthcare needs in Missouri. More than ever, we need to learn from our past but always keep looking forward, WITH HOPE