Our Approach

Our approach stems from the desire to provide compassionate care to all our patients. We ensure that our processes and services are streamlined for the sake of efficiency and tailored to fit the needs of each individual patient. We treat all our patients with respect and work with them to assess their specific needs every step of the way.



Spectrum Health Care was founded in 1992 by a group of socially concerned members of the United Methodist Church. Originally named “Rain” (Regional Aids Interfaith Network), the organization was focused on providing compassionate care to people dying of AIDS in Central Missouri.


Our Promise

At Spectrum Health Care, it is our promise to foster an environment of trust and inclusivity to all our patients. We promise to provide the best and most compassionate care in a culturally competent environment.


Intro to Team

We are a team of passionate people, dedicated to providing support to those who might have otherwise been lost in the system. We strive to establish a community of trust and confidentiality between ourselves and our patients to ensure that they receive the best care possible.

Staff Members

Cale Mitchell

Executive Director

Christine Varner

Case Management Supervisor

Bryan Chatfield

Transitional Case Manager

George Freiner, RN

SPPC/Waiver Case Manger

Jessi Woodward

Medical Case Manager

Ken Cissna

Medical Case Manager

Property Management

Kimberly Wright

Housing Specialist

North Central Region

Chaley Todd

Administrative Assistant

Steve Santoyo

Medical Case Manager

Substance Abuse Specialist

Tierney President

Client Care Coordinator

Mental Health Coordinator

Yolanda West

Medical Case Manger

Derek Landes

Prevention Educator & Health Services Coordinator

Christy Stretz

Access For All Program Coordinator

Community Health Worker

Nicki Nixon

Contracted Fiscal Manager

Jeremy Johnson

Contracted IT

Jeff Frey, MD

Agency Primary Medical Care Director

Jessie Myrick

Housing Specialist

Southwest Region

Lola Wobken, FNP

Nurse Practitioner

Jonathan Penfield, RN

SPPC/Waiver Medical Case Manager

Houising Case Manager

Christie Dykstra

Medical Case Manager

Rachel Figard, LPN

Clinic LPN

Debbie Orr-Bennett

Clinic Administrative Assistant

Aliegh Jungmann

Community Health Worker

Access For All Program

Board Members

Echo Menges


Stan Menges


William Salzer, MD


HIV Medical Director

Julie McDermott

Special Adviser to the Board (Technology)

Rob Roach


Angela Gentry


Gina Ridgeway Long

Vice Chair

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