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primary healthcare

Comprehensive healthcare for everyone.

At Spectrum Health Care, we believe in a world where everyone receives top-notch health care with dignity and compassion, in an inclusive environment. We offer a wide array of primary care services focused on keeping you healthy, treating common illnesses, and managing long-term conditions like diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, and more.
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Our Primary Care Services

Our dedicated team provides the care you need to stay healthy and manage your conditions with confidence. We can guide you through:
Prevention and Wellness: Stay on top of your health with our preventative care services.
Treatment for Common Illnesses: Get quick and efficient care for acute health issues.
Chronic Condition Management: From diabetes to high blood pressure, we're here to help you manage and improve your long-term health.
Medication Management: We'll ensure you understand and receive the right medications for your condition.
Referrals to Specialists: If you need more specialized care, we've got you covered.

Our Promise to You

Spectrum Health Care is committed to providing care that respects your individual health journey, ensuring everyone who walks through our doors is treated with the utmost dignity and respect. It’s not just about medical treatment; it's about providing compassionate care that supports your overall well-being.

Everyone deserves access to quality health care. Let us be part of your health journey. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you stay healthy and thrive.

Specialty Healthcare Services

We also offer specialized services tailored to your unique needs:
HIV Specialty Care: Receive the best care following CDC guidelines, including treatment plans that fit your daily life to keep you healthy and prevent transmission.
PrEP & PEP: We offer both pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention, providing guidance on insurance and assistance programs.
Hepatitis C Testing and Treatment: Get tested and treated according to CDC guidelines to cure hepatitis C.
Well Woman Exams and Pap: Dedicated wellness visits for reproductive health, ensuring early detection of any issues.
Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy: Supportive care including hormone therapy consultations, ensuring you receive respectful treatment.
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