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Becky Acton

Senior Financial Manager / Agency Administration

Becky joined Spectrum Health Care in August 2019 and serves as the financial liaison between department administrators and grant funding agencies; provides budgetary control and analysis; and implements new financial policies within the organization. She also is responsible for all accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll oversight.

Becky has over 13 years experience in health care administration and management of an endowment funding at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Acton holds a Master of Strategic Leadership from Stephens College and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Communications from University of Missouri-Columbia.

Becky can whistle better than anyone, except her dad.


Kimberly Wright, BS

HOWPA Housing / Housing Specialist (North Central Region)

Kimberly joined Spectrum Health Care (formerly Rain-Central Missouri, Inc.) to manage a Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) grant for primary care. The 3-year MFH grant was then in the second year, so she only expected employment with the organization to last 2 years. On April 6, 2021, Kimberly will mark her 15-year anniversary with the agency.

Kimberly came to Spectrum Health Care with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Communication from Stephens College. She is currently working on completing a Community Health Worker Certification. While working at Spectrum, she has assumed many roles within the agency, including grant manager, grant writer, education/prevention assistant, in-kind donation liaison, medical case manager and operations manager.

For the past 5 years she has served as the Housing Specialist for the North Central Region of the State. Her current role is funded from a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant through the DOORWAYS Housing in St. Louis, MO.

In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys spending time with her best friend: a small, white, four-legged, poodle mix named Lulu.


Julie Hanson, BS

HOWPA Housing / Housing Specialist (Southwest Region)

Julie came to Spectrum Health Care in May 2019. Julie assists individuals living with HIV with rent and mortgage payments, rent and utility deposit, and utility assistance. Prior to joining SHC, Julie was a Medical Case Manager for individuals living with HIV at Burrell Behavioral Center. Julie enjoys working with some of her previous Burrell clients at SHC, assisting them with various financial needs. Working for SHC is an honor and our clients are the best!

Julie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from University of Phoenix. Julie was a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor for many years prior to obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree.

In her spare time, Julie enjoys exercising, riding her motorcycle, spending time with kids and grandkids, supporting her favorite football teams, and reading. Additionally, Julie enjoys engaging in political activism.

Julie’s favorite saying is: “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” It is debatable who first said this, but Ben Franklin most frequently receives credit for it. The reason she likes this quote is that it fits so many situations in life, but it specifically became a favorite after working in the substance abuse field for more than 12 years.

Julie is originally from Iowa but moved to Missouri in 2015. She moved south due to family, weather, and beautiful motorcycle riding.

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