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Elise Jacobs, CPS/MARS

Clinic Manager

Elise joined the Spectrum Health Care team in March of 2020. As the Clinic Manager in the Primary Health Care Clinic, Elise ensures that all aspects of the clinic run smoothly for everyone – staff and patients alike.

Prior to Spectrum, Elise was a Clinic Manager at a drug and alcohol treatment center. She held several positions during her work at the treatment center for over 6 years. Helping those in recovery and find a path to recovery translates very well to the clinic environment at SHC.

Elise is a Certified Peer Counselor (CPS) and Medication Assisted Recovery Specialist (MARS). As with most staff at SHC, Elise is currently in process of obtaining her Community Health Worker certification.

Elise is very passionate about her work. She loves helping her coworkers and making sure they have what they need to do their work. She makes sure all patients are comfortable in the clinic. Elise loves to help others!

In her spare time, Elise enjoys helping others from recovery by taking them to community meetings and helps with the local sober living houses. Elise has 3 children and 2 puppies that take up most of the time. They enjoy hiking, cooking together, and watching movies.

Elise believes that life isn’t going to be easy, but if you get up every morning and do your best it will all be worth it in the end. Nothing is impossible if you try!