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Chelsie Chambers, BS

Executive Assistant

Chelsie obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences from Truman State University in 2011. After gaining experience in various healthcare settings, she began her journey with Spectrum Health Care in 2018.

As the Executive Assistant, Chelsie has had the pleasure of assisting in every department at SHC. From organizing fundraisers/events, assisting with finances, representing and aiding the Executive Director when needed, maintaining knowledge of staff and their needs, assisting with clinic operations, and co-leading two self-management programs, Chelsie does a bit of everything at SHC. Thankfully, that’s the way she likes it.

At Spectrum Health Care, Chelsie believes she has found her forever work home and is beyond thrilled to be part of the team as SHC develops, grows, and assimilates into the communities we serve more each year. With new Self-Care programs, an expanding Primary Health Care Clinic, the Wavelength Health Plan, and the many programs that make SHC so expansive in providing health care to all who need it she is sure that you can find something to benefit your health care journey at SHC.

Being born and raised in Columbia, she has been around this area most of her life. She’s always had a passion for serving this community in any way and with Spectrum Health Care she found the perfect mix of service and health care.

Prior to working at SHC, Chelsie worked for Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services in Environmental Public Health, the Columbia/Boone County Health Department as an Environmental Public Health Specialist, in local doctors offices and pharmacies, and for a local non-profit as the Executive Producing Director.

In her spare time Chelsie likes to be with her family here in Columbia, lounge with her cat, and find new recipes to try in the kitchen.